Commercial Cleaning Solutions

Cleaning Services for Industrial Needs

Clean Solutions strives to maintain clean working environments that are not only aesthetically attractive and professional, but also healthy, safe and sustainable. Clean Solution’s custodial services in Bloomfield, Connecticut, and across the state are based on principles of integrity, affordability, courtesy and sustainability. Through these principles Clean Solutions continues to maintain loyal clients across the state.

Great cleaning services start with well-trained, experienced staff, and Clean Solutions ensures each janitor is a trusted, effective team member that can be counted on.  Clean Solutions provides the workforce required to carry out all cleaning requirements and promotes high-level performance through equitable employment and compensation.  Clean Solutions is also passionate about maintaining a healthy work environment and uses state-of-the-art technology in concert with safe, environmentally-friendly cleaning products to give you cleaner, safer air.  Finally, Clean Solutions works to preserve and sustain the environment through the reduction of solid waste and Green Seal certification.

If you are in need of janitorial services in Bloomfield, Connecticut, or other areas across the state, contact Clean Solutions to make an appointment and learn more about green, sustainable and effective cleaning solutions.

Employee Solutions:

We provide you with the workforce required to carry out your cleaning requirements and perform pre-determined cleaning tasks.

Our Employees are:

  • Effective communicators and will address your immediate cleaning concerns.
  • Compensated based on their ability to provide exceptional customer service.
  • Subject to background checks. Earning your trust is extremely important to us.

Equipment Solutions:

Our high performance state of the art vacuum cleaners provide soil removal and will eliminate particles that can be emitted back into the air.

The 3-Step Filtration System:

Our three-layer, full size filter bag collects the debris and then removes particles that are collected by the hospital-grade micro-hygiene filter. Lastly, the micro-exhaust filter cleans the exhaust air that the vacuum emits.

Through this system, the air quality of your building is greatly improved.

Moreover, this S-class filtration system gives you 99.9% effectiveness to 0.3 microns, making the SEBO essential G-Series vacuum ideal for customers who suffer from dust allergies and asthma.


The future of the planet is in our hands. Our products:

  • Promote a healthier and safer environment
  • Promote worker safety
  • Helps to preserve and sustain the environment
  • Promote sustainability through the reduction of solid waste
  • Many of which are Green Seal certified