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Reasons to Outsource Your Janitorial Needs

Most people don’t like to clean their homes or their offices. Let’s just say cleaning is not usually on the top of anyone’s list of favorite activities. That said, someone has to clean up a place or else it’ll get quite dirty over time. Typically, most organizations with offices end up hiring someone to do… Read more »

The Benefits of Striping and Waxing Your Floors

Are the tile floors in your home or business starting to look dull and lifeless? It’s probably because you haven’t stripped and waxed them in a while. While waxing a floor will bring it back to life, it’s important to strip your floors of wax completely and then wax them again to make them look… Read more »

Reasons to Have Your Office’s Carpet Professionally Cleaned

Offices typically get a lot of foot traffic over time. Think about all the different shoes as well as wheels, boxes and other things that end up on office floors. Oftentimes, stuff from outdoors gets tracked indoors and on to the office carpet. That means mud, dead bugs, stones, bacteria and other “stuff” ends up… Read more »

Welcome to our new Blog!

Welcome to our new blog! We are currently working on some blog posts!