Farmington, CT - Custom Janitorial Cleaning Services

There is no substitution for a clean, neat working space. When your office, store, industrial space, hospital, school or any work environment is neat and clean, customers, patrons, employees and everyone who visits will enjoy their time more. Customers are also much more likely to return to a business that is neat and tidy.

When it comes to making a positive first impression, cleanliness is a must. Clean Solutions makes it easy to keep your business spotless with a full range of office and janitorial cleaning services in Farmington, CT. We work with companies of all sizes and types and we can help you keep your business clean too.

Customers associate a neat, clean business with a business that is run well. Dirt, dust, stains, grimy windows and other problems can immediately make customers believe the business owner is oblivious to important details and does not put forward extra effort. However, we know that these conditions often indicate that the owners and employees are simply busy and struggle to find extra time for necessary cleaning.

If customers or employees have commented about the state of your business, or you just want to spend less time cleaning, contact us. We will organize a cleaning schedule around your needs, including floor cleaning, waxing and stripping, dusting, sanitizing, vacuuming, trash pickup, window washing and more.

Other Services:

Arrange office cleaning and janitorial cleaning in Farmington, CT on a schedule that works best for you with Clean Solutions. Call us today at 860-913-7672 and tell us about your business, what you are looking for and your budget to get started.