Industrial Cleaning

Are you having a hard time keeping up with all the cleaning that needs to be done inside your industrial facility? Instead of trying to tackle cleaning jobs on your own, call on Clean Solutions to serve as your industrial cleaning company in Hartford, CT. We’re capable of providing companies with a wide range of industrial cleaning services and specialize in both factory and warehouse cleaning. Over the last 15 years, we’ve cleaned up a variety of different kinds of industrial and manufacturing sites, and our industrial cleaning specialists know what it takes to keep your facility OSHA compliant.

Clean Solutions is a bonded, insured, and a certified industrial cleaning company that uses only the safest and most effective cleaning products when carrying out our services. We’ll use the latest cleaning techniques to scrub away dirt, debris, stains, germs, and more. From floors and carpeting, to desks and other furniture, we get your industrial building clean from top to bottom while conducting manufacturing facility cleaning. Additionally, our industrial cleaning specialists will be extra careful about protecting your expensive equipment and keeping your property OSHA compliant.

When you take the time to hire an industrial cleaning company like Clean Solutions, it’ll reflect well on your company. Your employees are more motivated to come into work when the facility is clean. Your clients will also be impressed with how clean your facility looks thanks to our factory and warehouse cleaning specialists. In making sure your facility is OSHA compliant, you won’t have to worry about racking up hefty fines and other penalties due to a lack of organization and cleanliness. It’ll make our industrial cleaning services well worth it.

Reach out to Clean Solutions at 860-913-7672 to utilize the services of a trusted industrial cleaning company in Hartford, CT.