The Benefits of Striping and Waxing Your Floors

Are the tile floors in your home or business starting to look dull and lifeless? It’s probably because you haven’t stripped and waxed them in a while. While waxing a floor will bring it back to life, it’s important to strip your floors of wax completely and then wax them again to make them look their absolute best. It’s one of the biggest benefits of stripping and waxing floors. Check out some other benefits of doing it below.

It will prevent scratches on your floor.

Over time, the wax on your floors can gradually wear down from people walking over it. You might not necessarily notice it, but it will leave your floor susceptible to scratching. Bare floors can actually scratch rather easily, and if they do, you will need to repair them before applying wax again. Rather than doing this, you should get into the habit of stripping and waxing floors prior to them wearing down.

It will prevent individual tiles from lifting up and breaking.

When left unprotected, tile flooring can be damaged by water and other debris working their way down into the cracks between the tiles. Water can actually cause the glue beneath the tiles to become waterlogged, which will then pull the tiles up away from the floor. This can leave them damaged and force you to replace tiles altogether.

It will prevent staining from taking place.

Outside of looking dull, tile floors can also begin to become discolored when they don’t have the proper protection on them. Dirt and debris can get down into the tiles and cause staining to take place. When you strip and then wax your floors, you will take these things out of the equation and give your tiles the protection they need.

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